Recommended resources and sites:

Printable Youth Activity Sheets
Word puzzles, preschool activities, channel mazes, and connect the dots (dot-to-dot). All of these are popular printable activities from preschool ages all the way through elementary grades. This site offers hundreds of pages to provide thousands of hours of printable fun! All free, no membership required.

Coloring Sheets
Coloring pages are an incredible fun way to help children develop many important skills. Young artists develop, eye-hand coordination, color concepts and picture comprehension, coloring forms the basic foundation for early learning success and art development. Studies suggest that children who color generally acquire and use knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

Reading Stories
Suggestions for teaching reading, and reinforcing reading skills and comprehension. You will also find activities that help create a desire to read in both younger and older children.

Math Practice Sheets
Here is a simple system designed to help your child master the basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The program reinforces the math concepts your child is learning at school with lots of fun ways to practice math games and math lessons at home.

Flash Cards
Imagine opening up the world of reading to your child ... For parents that want to give their child a head start in school or just to help strengthen their child's reading skills.

Holiday Fun Activities !
Celebrate Christmas get in the season with coloring and stories, print the perfect Easter Card, Valentine's Day hearts, St Patrict's Day Leprechauns, pencil games and coloring sheets, ... Fun and interesting holiday information!

Home generators come in two basic types: portable generators and home standby generators. The choice of which generator unit best suits your needs is determined by several factors, most import of these is your ultimate power load requirements.
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The history and development of time pieces (clocks, pocket watches, and wrist watches) is fascinating and closely parallels the development of technology and the industrial revolution. The study of watches and clocks is called horology. In many ways watch and clock craftsmen and designers were the earliest "technology geeks" on the planet earth.
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